Monday, 29 August 2011, Top: Topshop, Jeans:Topshop, Shoes:Primark

So here's my second look that i posted on Chictopia this morning. I took a few photos before i went out and they were all rubbish. I'm not keen on these at all but if I don't put them up i'll never end up doing an outfit post, cos seriously, i'm THE most un photogenic person ever. Looking through these photos was also a real wake up call. I can't believe how much weight i've put on! I lost quite a bit before i went to Miami and since then i've been eating what i wanted, well no more! Diet starts now.
  Ive also been thinking about changing my blog layout/background etc. I tried really hard to not go for the predictable white/black combo, so opted for purple instead. I think i know why everyone has the boring background - cos it works best. So yeah, i'm going to change it up a bit, let the photos do the talking. 

Harri x

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