Wednesday, 24 August 2011

You snooze, you loose.

Today has been a pretty mixed day. I got up at about 7 to go to the park with my boyfriend which was  really nice and something a bit different before work and since then i've just been messing about doing things here and there. But all day i've been think about what i should do for the next year of my life. I could either move to London for a year, see how that goes or stay at home, save and then go to Australia after christmas. I REALLY don't know what to do! When i'm set on one idea i change my mind again but i guess im going to have to do something soon, cos you snooze you loose right?

Anyway, here are a few inspirational photos that i found on tumblr. Hopefully i'll have a new outfit post up later this week if i get time to shoot one!


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